Monday, March 7, 2011


Inca is pleased with their hormone levels at the Bird Watching

Inca indulges in the morning and evening, four strokes Estreva gel.
Last Monday I had to leave my family doctor in Uelzen Siphon blood. Today I now get the results, but not from Uelzen, but from Hildesheim. My family doctor had faxed the lab report in my endo who should evaluate and comment on it. Around noon, after hours, he would call me, I am the nurse had said on the phone. I was curious how a Flitzebogen.
Dr. B had good news for me: My estradiol (commonly known as estrogen value) is now at 290 ng / l, the upper end of normal for (biological) women. Six weeks ago he was with 247 ng / l still well below. The testosterone value other hand, is dropped again: From 0.25 g / l to 0.20 mg / - cheer I could! The normal range enough for women from 0.1 to 0.9 mg / l. By comparison, men usually have testosterone levels from 3.5 to 8.6 mg / l.
It all developed so well and the levels are perfect, I will change the current dosage of Estreva gel anything, so I'm going to continue to authorize every morning and every evening, four strokes out of the dispenser and the gel on the inside of my arms spread, where the skin is particularly thin, and the gel absorbs quickly and well. A stroke out of the dispenser contains 0.5 mg of pure estradiol. Every day I run therefore I to 4 mg of pure estradiol. My Endo told me after the last control of hormone levels, I was to the daily dose still increase to 6 mg. But at 6 mg I got a headache. So I cut back the dose a bit.
Looks like a beauty product: Estreva gel
I always find it amazing the things a couple of tiny spots of transparent gel can cause it. The simple elegant packaging - the design of the dosage dispenser can think of a cosmetic product - belies the fact that it can revolutionize harmless and insignificant-looking gel has a complete organism. Fortunately, the absorption through the skin - transdermal call the doctors - for the body gentle and safe method. I would, however, the hormones take in tablet form to me, I would ruin my liver long-term probability - after all I have to take the hormones for life to me.
My next appointment for the control of hormone levels on 11 April. The nurse gave me the date listed on a small pre-printed notepad. "Please bring" In the column had entered "blood" . As well, I like this usually carry around with me a few liters. The risk that I forget it is brought along, relatively low.


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